Operation steps and requirements for the grinding ball production for iron ore mine

- May 06, 2019-

Grinding ball production for iron ore mine Check all parts of machinery and electrical equipment before driving. Check whether the connecting bolts are loose during use. When the operation is performed, the lubrication points of the lubrication points are normal, the transmission device is normal and reliable, and the protection device is intact. Whether the electrical instrument is sensitive or not, the motor carbon brush is in good contact.

The grinding ball production for iron ore mine to produce a disk for one week, and checks for obstacles in or around the rotating part of the equipment and eliminates it. No one is allowed to stand around at startup. After checking, press the start button to start the motor and pay attention to the current change. The grinding machine shall not start more than twice in a row. The first time and the second time shall be separated by more than 5 minutes. If it is started for the third time, it must be checked with the electrician and the fitter before starting. Do not start with other equipment, and stagger start to avoid tripping.

After the grinding ball production for iron ore mine, it is necessary to strictly follow the provisions of water supply, ore supply and steel ball addition. It is forbidden to operate at an overload, and the idle time is not more than 15 minutes to avoid damaging the lining. During operation, it is necessary to check whether the cylinder leaks, and carefully observe whether the current, voltage, feeding and water supply are normal. Check the motor and spindle temperature every half hour for no more than 60 °С, and find the problem in time.

In the grinding ball production for iron ore mine for iron ore, it is necessary to observe whether the hollow shaft and the oil ring rotate with oil, and whether the temperature of the hollow shaft is normal. If the hollow shaft is found to be hot, close to the burning tile, the forced cooling measures should be taken immediately, and the parking should not be stopped immediately. So as not to cause "hugging". At the same time, pay attention to check the oil quantity and temperature of each lubrication part, and regularly add fuel.www.grindingballsmedia.com