Mining grinding steel ball basic knowledge and use

- Jul 13, 2018-

From the current situation, the market demand for mining abrasive steel balls is very large, mainly used as a medium for grinding materials. It has a wide range of applications in the concentrator, cement and other industries. It mainly includes two types of cast steel balls and forged steel balls.


Among them, foundry mining grinding steel balls can be divided into ordinary cast steel balls, non-electric furnaces to produce low-chromium alloy cast steel balls, electric furnace melting medium-chromium alloy cast steel balls, electric furnace melting high-chromium alloy cast steel balls and electric furnace melting ultra-high chromium alloys. Cast steel balls.


The forged mining grinding steel ball can be divided into 50mn, 60mn, 65mn according to the specifications; it can also be divided into high alloy steel B2, B3, BU materials, etc. from the material aspect. In the application, the use method of the mining abrasive steel ball is determined according to the diameter of the ball mill, the hardness of the ore, the ore particle size of the scoring mill, the hardness of the steel ball, the rotational speed of the ball mill, and the like.


It is also necessary to emphasize the reference number of the installed number of mining grinding steel balls. Usually, the total number of balls in the total ball is subtracted from the remaining ball, and the actual number of mining and grinding steel balls is obtained.