Mill Grinding Balls ratio program

- Feb 10, 2018-

Ball Mill Grinding Balls ratio is a problem that often troubled people since the advent of the ball mill. Whether its rationality directly affects the ball mill production efficiency, but also to a certain extent, affected the ball mill production quality problems.

How to solve the ball mill and Grinding Balls ratio problem? How to add Grinding Balls to the mill by Grinding Balls size?

Ball mill diameter below 2500mm, add Grinding Balls size ф100mm, ф80mm, ф60mm.

Ball mill diameter in 2500mm above, add Grinding Balls size ф120mm, ф100mm, ф80mm.

First, the Grinding Balls ratio of the ball mill in the cement plant, mine site, thermal power plant, chemical plant should be based on factors such as ball mill surface diameter, ore hardness, ore particle size, Grinding Balls hardness, mill speed Determine the Grinding Balls add column.

When the ball mill model is determined, the ball mill speed will be set, the hardness of the ore is measurable. The particle size of the ball mill is determined by the size of the sieve. Usually, the newly installed ball mill has a running-in process. During the running-in process, the amount of Grinding Balls is added for the first time, which accounts for 80% of the maximum ball load of the ball mill. Grinding Balls can be added in the proportion of Grinding Balls (ф200mm, ф140mm, ф120mm , Ф100mm, ф80mm, ф70mm, ф60mm, ф40mm, ф20mm) size to add. Grinding Balls add the amount of: different ball mill models its total ball load varies. For example, ф1500 × 3000 ball mill (capacity 100-150 tons) the maximum amount of ball 9.5-10 tons.