Main features and surface roughness of grinding media in ball mill

- Aug 13, 2018-

The ball mill grinding medium effectively removes the large and medium-sized forgings or the scale and rust of the steel during the operation. The density of the steel balls is about 7,700 kg per cubic meter (known as the square) when used. The volume is about 1000/7700 which is about 1.3 square.

The main characteristics of the grinding media of the ball mill are moderate to a certain extent. It has strong toughness and impact resistance during operation. It can be used repeatedly several times in a certain degree. The life of the whole product is long and the rebound is good. The adhesion is strong during the production, so that the cleaning speed can be fast, the sand consumption is low, the broken is not broken, the brightness of the workpiece is cleaned, the technical effect is good, and the cleanliness of the metal surface treated by the product can reach the international standard.

When the surface roughness of the grinding media of the ball mill reaches 25-100 um, the contact surface of the metal surface can be effectively increased, so that the adhesion of the coated surface can be well improved.