Low-damage grinding ball's anti-corrosion performance and attention to detail

- Aug 17, 2018-

Low-damage grinding balls are usually used in industries with high requirements for accuracy and rust resistance, such as aviation, aerospace, bearings, motors, high-precision instruments, valves, and petroleum. The low-breaking grinding ball has stronger anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, and the hardness is enhanced, and the wear resistance is also improved.

The low-damage grinding ball can achieve a hardness of 56-58 degrees during operation, and it has magnetic properties, good corrosion resistance, and high wear resistance and toughness. It is mainly used in bearings, stamping/hydraulic parts, valves, seal refrigeration equipment, and aerospace high-precision mechanical parts.

The production of low-breaking grinding balls directly affects the quality of the steel balls, so that we can guarantee the production of good quality ball mill balls. We must understand the problems that the ball mill balls will have in the production process. The following describes the ball mill steel. Precautions for the ball production process.

First, the low-break grinding ball production process requires attention to detail. The details of process management will have a very significant impact on the quality of the steel ball. Therefore, in the production process of the ball mill ball, the time control of the process, the feed rate control of the abrasive slurry, and the details of the in and out of the ball should be paid attention to. . We only pay attention to the production process of steel balls, in order to reduce the problem of steel ball products, the quality of the finished ball mill steel ball has been greatly improved.