Low breakage grinding cylpebs introduction

- Nov 10, 2018-

Low-breaking grinding balls are widely used in industries such as cement.

In use, if the surface of the grinding ball is damaged or damaged, the outer shell of the core can be replaced to ensure that the grinding ball can be used normally. In addition, it uses stainless steel, which can play a good anti-corrosion effect, avoiding rust and corrosion of the grinding ball.


The structural form and structural characteristics of this kind of grinding ball:


The upper part and the lower part are included. The middle part of the lower end surface of the lower case and the middle part of the upper end face are provided with a core placement groove, and an annular groove is arranged on the four axes of the upper case core. The casing core placement groove is surrounded by an annular connecting ear corresponding to the annular groove, and an external thread is arranged outside the annular connecting ear. In addition, a buckle is arranged at the upper end of the lower casing, and the core is placed in the core groove.