Innovative design and functional characteristics of grinding media production line

- Jul 09, 2018-

The grinding steel ball is operated by an automated grinding media production line without manual intervention and fully automatic production, which can ensure the stability of the quality of the steel ball to the utmost extent. The production line is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient; the steel balls produced have precise and rounded geometry, high hardness and good mechanical properties, and have high impact toughness and strong crushing resistance.


The grinding media production line is developed and manufactured by engineers and technicians after fully researching and renovating the steel ball production process for many years. It has the overall design of the roller box and good rigidity; the adjustment is simple and easy to operate; the locking is firm and the stability is high; the guide plate is easy to replace. Innovations such as speed and efficiency ensure the stable, efficient and high-quality operation of the grinding media line.


Not only that, the grinding media production line also has other functions, such as automatic control of heat treatment into quenching temperature to ensure quenching quality; automatic retracting function of the rolls, ensuring that the rolls are not damaged during rolling, and fixed feeding function, increasing the rate of finished products, etc., so that grinding The quality of the media is higher.