How to prepare and purchase grinding steel balls and their types

- Oct 19, 2018-

Grinding steel ball, which is a specific type of steel ball, can be used on the grinding machine for grinding work. Therefore, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of this kind of steel ball in order to use it properly to obtain good use effect.


1. Purchase of grinding steel balls

Grinding steel ball, a type of steel ball, which is used for product purchase, needs to be taken seriously and carried out, and all factors should be comprehensively and comprehensively considered before accurate judgment and correct selection of results can be obtained. To avoid product waste and economic losses.

In addition, in the consideration of the grinding steel ball, there are some factors that must be considered, such as the product origin, performance indicators, real-time quotes and price quotes, product quality and manufacturers, and these five They are important considerations and cannot be omitted.


2. Examples of definitions and types of grinding steel balls

A steel ball is professionally defined as: a steel ball used to grind a material on a grinder, or an abrasive body. It can be either a wear-resistant steel ball or a non-wear-resistant steel ball in a specific kind. In addition, it may also be a cast steel ball, a forged steel ball, a rolled steel ball, and a bearing steel ball, and may be referred to as a grinding steel ball as long as it can perform the grinding work.


3. The use and preparation of grinding steel balls and abrasives, etc.

Grinding steel balls, which can be used in combination with abrasives and grinding fluids, so the abrasives and grinding fluids that can be used are:

Abrasives in abrasives: alumina, silicon carbide, iron oxide, cerium oxide, and the like.

Grinding fluid: motor oil, kerosene, animal oil and oleic acid and stearic acid.


The preparation of the polished steel ball is currently produced by means of medium frequency electric furnace smelting, metal mold or sand casting. Moreover, the specific type of the abrasive steel ball is a steel ball including a low-chromium steel ball, and this kind of steel ball is used more. The low chromium alloy cast ball, which is also in the grinding steel ball, has the main advantage of good wear resistance. Therefore, in the preparation of the ground steel ball, a low chromium steel ball is exemplified.

The preparation of low-chromium steel balls has some operational procedures and steps, and in order to ensure good performance and use effect of the steel balls, heat treatment tempering or vibration aging treatment should be carried out. After the finished product is obtained, the hardness test is also carried out, which can be carried out by using a Rockwell hardness tester. In the national standard, the hardness must be above 45. If the test hardness is less than 40, the hardness of the low-chromium steel ball is insufficient or generated. Burned, can't be used.