How to choose the ball mill grinding media

- Jun 10, 2019-

In the process of using the ball mill, the selection of the grinding media of the ball mill is very important. It is affected by various factors such as material, filling amount, shape and particle size. In the grinding process, different grinding materials are used for different materials, models and equipments. Medium can reduce production costs and increase production efficiency.


The greater the density of the grinding media of the ball mill, the shorter the grinding time. In order to increase the grinding effect, the hardness of the grinding medium must be greater than the hardness of the material to be ground. In addition, the smaller the size of the grinding media, the more the contact points of the media, and the greater the chance of grinding the material. The loading amount has a direct influence on the grinding efficiency, and the particle size of the grinding medium determines the loading amount of the grinding medium. It must be ensured that when the grinding medium moves in the disperser, the porosity of the medium is not less than 40%.


The grinding material determines the cost of pulverization and the pulverization efficiency. Grinding materials can be mainly divided into metal media, rock mineral materials and non-metal materials. In addition to considering the production cost, it is also necessary to consider whether the materials and media will cause pollution. Common grinding media include steel balls, alumina balls, zirconia balls, and the like. The grinding medium size of the ball mill directly affects the grinding efficiency and product fineness. The larger the diameter, the larger the product particle size and the higher the yield; conversely, the smaller the particle size, the smaller the product particle size and the lower the yield. In actual production, it is generally determined by the feed size and the required product fineness.


In the production process, it is necessary to explore the appropriate ratio according to the type of material and the characteristics of the process, and remove the too small medium in time to reduce the cost. The wear resistance and chemical stability of the grinding media of the ball mill are important conditions for measuring the quality of the grinding media. The non-wearing media needs to be supplemented by the need of abrasion, which not only increases the cost, but more importantly affects the