High toughness grinding balls for mining production processes

- Jun 07, 2018-

Grinding balls used in mining are mainly referred to as industrial alumina powder, roller rod powder, bauxite and high-temperature calcined Alpha Alumina powder, etc., and are mainly processed through the ingredients during the processing. Grinding, milling, molding, drying, firing and other processes.

Grinding balls are used for mining to a certain extent mainly as ball grinding stones whose grinding media are widely used. In operation, their zirconium oxide grinding balls have high density, high hardness, high toughness and other production characteristics, and are generally under production. In addition, it has less wear, high wear efficiency, and less impurities, showing more superior performance.

Grinding balls for mining their zirconia powders are most effective in the production process using their co-precipitation production process. The main advantages of the grinding balls in the operation are the high purity of the raw materials, the high activity and the obtained The zirconia grinding balls have excellent performance and stable quality.

Grinding ball for mining products with high toughness, high wear resistance, high density, high hardness characteristics, in the process of use is very suitable for grinding of ceramic raw materials, mushroom ball, dust equipment and other wear and tear, Ceramic, cement, chemical paint, paint, paint, medical, cosmetics and other industries fine powder processing equipment, high-grade grinding media and fillers.

Grinding balls for mining glaze are all milled with a ball mill. Most companies still use natural ball stone as the grinding medium. The natural ball stone has poor abrasion resistance and inevitably contaminates the glaze during the grinding process. At the same time, due to the low density of the natural ball stone, the grinding efficiency is low.

According to the ideal product structure, high-grade products are estimated at 20%, and the required amount of alumina ceramic balls for the country is about 40,000 tons, forcing companies to choose alumina ceramic balls with excellent characteristics. The use of alumina ceramic balls as grinding media to improve the quality of products is a consensus among ceramics professionals. Therefore, the market demand for alumina ceramic balls in the ceramic industry is great.