High hardness and wear resistance of forged grinding balls

- Aug 04, 2018-

Forged grinding balls are mainly used in ball mills as a medium for grinding materials during operation. Generally, they are widely used in mineral processing plants and cement industries. Forged grinding ball non-electric furnace to produce low-chromium alloy cast steel ball Electric furnace melting medium-chromium alloy casting steel ball electric furnace melting high-chromium alloy casting steel ball electric furnace melting ultra-high chromium alloy casting steel ball (chromium content is 22%-30%).

When the forged grinding ball is used, it is effective to determine the use method of the mining steel ball according to the diameter of the ball mill, the hardness of the ore, the ore particle size of the scoring mill, the hardness of the steel ball (mass), the rotation speed of the ball mill, and the like. The main component is tungsten-cobalt alloy (WC-CO) with high hardness, HRA90-92, good wear resistance, and its wear resistance is dozens to hundreds of times of steel ball.

The main component of the forged grinding ball is tungsten-cobalt alloy, which will have higher hardness and wear resistance to a certain extent. It has good impact and anti-vibration performance when used, and is suitable for making parts with strong impact and vibration. In this way, the contact surface of the metal surface can be increased, so that the adhesion of the surface of the smear can be well improved, and the metal structure strengthened by the refined metal surface can effectively have a significant economic benefit to a certain extent. It is the most advanced and ideal quality material for cleaning, polishing, descaling and strengthening at home and abroad.