Hardness of mining steel ball and production process

- Jul 30, 2018-

Mining steel balls remove large and medium-sized forgings or steel scales and rust during operation. The density of steel balls is about 7,700 kg per cubic meter (known as square), so its volume is about 1000/ 7700 is about 1.3 square.

The main feature of the steel ball for mining is that it has moderate hardness, toughness and impact resistance. It can be used repeatedly several times. The life of the whole product is long and the rebound is good. It has strong adhesion during the production, so it can be fast. The cleaning speed is fast, the consumption of sand is low, it is not broken, the brightness of the workpiece is cleaned, the technical effect is good, and the cleanliness of the metal surface treated by the product can reach the international standard.

The surface roughness of the steel ball for mining is 25-100um, which can increase the contact surface of the metal surface, so that the surface adhesion of the applied surface can be improved, and the refined metal surface is strengthened. Metal structure, to a certain extent, has very significant economic benefits. It is the most advanced and ideal high-quality material for cleaning, polishing, descaling and strengthening at home and abroad.

The steel ball is processed from raw material to finished product, and requires multiple inspection and auxiliary production processes, including: cold pier → light ball → heat treatment → strengthening → hard grinding → initial research → sorting → fine grinding.