Grinding steel ball processing materials classification and use efficiency

- Mar 26, 2018-

Grinding steel ball is a grinding medium used in a ball mill during use.In the operation, due to the material ball in the grinding mill, it is actually a grinding body.

Grinding steel balls are mainly made of white cast iron with chromium as the main alloying element and chromium cast iron for short. Chromium alloy cast iron is used as the cast grinding ball as chromium alloy cast iron grinding ball.

Grinding steel balls Casting balls made of ductile iron are called ductile iron balls. The bainite ductile iron ball obtained by the heat treatment is a matrix, and the matrix structure obtained by the heat treatment is mainly a martensitic iron ball.

Grinding steel balls are made of hot-rolled steel balls produced by steel mills. The whole process is controlled automatically. The steel balls have uniform hardness, high hardness in the heart, low crushing rate, and large ball impact value.

The ball made of forged steel by trains has low cost, but the hardness of the steel ball is low, easily broken, and the wear resistance is poor.

Grinding steel balls, cast steel balls (high-chromium balls, medium-chromium balls, low-chromium balls), forged steel balls, rolled steel balls, and bearing steel balls can also be referred to as grinding steel balls, that is to say, those engaged in grinding operations. Balls can be called grinding balls.