Grinding Cylpebs diameter of the ball mill impact

- Feb 10, 2018-

Grinding Cylpebs diameter seriously affects the grain size, dissociation degree and consumption index of grinding products when the speed and filling rate of the mill is constant, that is, the state of ball load movement is constant. The main points are as follows:

(1) Affect mill productivity, Grinding Cylpebs is too large due to less impact and grinding area of a small productivity decline, Grinding Cylpebs too small due to lack of impact and reduced productivity. Accurate ball diameter grinding mill productivity can be greatly improved. Test proved that the ball from too large to accurate change, the mill by -0.074mm utilization factor can be increased by 15% to 40%.

(2) affect the uniformity of the particle size distribution of the grinding product. Too large Grinding Cylpebs diameter so that the number of blows caused by a small number of rough grinding coarse level, too much blow and hit over crushing more. Therefore, too large balls under the uneven size of the product, too coarse and too crushed were more negative on the sorting. Experiments show that when the ball diameter is oversized to be accurate, the maximum particle size and the average particle size of the grinding product are reduced, and the over-grinding is also reduced by 3% to 4%. The product particle size is more uniform, The increase of grade is more favorable for ore dressing.

(3) affect the level of mineral monomer dissociation in grinding products. Oversized ball diameter due to excessive impact and the ore produced throughout the broken, but the size of mechanical thinning, the mineral monomer dissociation is not high. The probability of mineral dissociation along the binding surface increases after the ball diameter is refined, and the degree of dissociation of the mineral monomer in the product is increased. Experiments show that the Grinding Cylpebs can improve the degree of monomer dissociation of useful minerals by 4% to 6% after precision, thereby improving concentrate grade and recovery rate.

(4) affect the Grinding Cylpebs consumption level. According to Davis Grinding Cylpebs wear theory, Grinding Cylpebs abrasion speed and its weight is proportional to large ball wear speed, consumption; ball wear speed, low consumption. This has long been the summary of a.f. Taggart's "beneficiation manual." Test proved that the ball diameter adjusted by the excessive precision, Grinding Cylpebs unit consumption can be reduced by 10% to 20%.

(5) affect the power consumption level. When the Grinding Cylpebs load unchanged, the smaller Grinding Cylpebs power consumption than the big ball. This has been studied at home and abroad.