Grinding Balls The form of movement during ball mill operation

- Feb 10, 2018-

Ball mill rotating cylinder so that the internal movement of the grinding media, resulting in grinding ore. There are many similarities between the movement of the grinding media inside them and the Grinding Balls are divided into three types of movement during the operation of the mill.

1.Gradinding Balls in the ball mill in the form of diarrhea movement.

When the speed of the ball mill is low, the Grinding Balls in the barrel of the ball mill rises up to a certain height against the wall of the barrel of the mill, and falls due to its own gravity. Grinding Balls are mainly abrasive in this process, and are suitable for fine-grained materials. Practice has proved that, in the process of Grinding Balls and ore role is to achieve grinding effect.

2.Ginding Balls throw in the mill form of movement.

As the speed of the ball mill increases, the Grinding Balls eventually fall as a projectile as the inner wall of the Grinding Balls approaches the ball mill to a certain height. The process of forming a huge impact directly hit the ore, to overcome the sub-molecular force within the ore and broken, the main impact of grinding to impact, suitable for coarse-grained ore. Practice shows that the Grinding Balls form of this process is able to achieve good grinding effect.

3.Ginding Balls Centrifugal motion occurs in the mill.

As the speed of the ball mill increases, when the speed of the ball mill exceeds the critical speed of the Grinding Balls, the Grinding Balls and the mineral material in the ball mill will cling to the inner wall of the mill at this time, without catharsis and falling motion. Centrifugal movement occurs Figure 3), Grinding Balls and mineral material at this time there is no relative movement between, will not play the grinding effect. Therefore, the grinding process should avoid the occurrence of this situation, otherwise it will cause a great waste of energy.