Grinding Balls in use partially lost the reason analysis

- Feb 10, 2018-

Grinding Balls out of order in the course of the use of the situation, our company immediately organize technical, quality control and related experts to the scene to view, and bring back your company out of rounds found Grinding Balls back to the factory components, hardness, mirror and low times System analysis, analysis of the reasons as follows:

1, Grinding Balls lost round analysis of the reasons

(1) chemical composition analysis: Each batch of our production and factory have rigorous testing process, after Grinding Balls back to the chemical composition and image analysis, the results of which five Grinding Balls does not meet the chemical composition of our products Range requirements, confirmed that non-my company's products. And analyze it at a low magnification. The analysis results show that the center is loose and there are many inclusions. After the comparison of the spectra is above grade 3, it is in excess of the standard; (it is confirmed that there is a mixed phenomenon)

(2) Hardness distribution: The distribution of hardness of Grinding Balls by our company is uniform. Grinding Balls high surface hardness, and easy to slide the ball matching the impact of the ball hit the ball probability, so the next step recommended the use of hardness of about 50HRC Grinding Balls appropriate;

(3) Surface Defects: Surface defects can also cause some Grinding Balls to lose their circle. All the finished products Grinding Balls of our company have strict sampling in the production process and before storage, which are in line with the industry standard deviations, there is no surface defects;

(4) The impact of working conditions: Through the observation in the field, ore feed size is large, is a limonite, magnetic, high hardness f = 17-20; critical speed and grade on the hit the ball and the ball hit the ball probability Grinding Balls Grind Balls and Large Amount of Ore, Grinding Balls Deformed or Broken due to Impact Impairment Across Cleat Gaps; Grinding Balls Used for Mill Diameter and Finished Particle Size Analysis When Diameter Wear to 40mm or less Are ineffective, but in the mill will affect the stand-alone capacity and unit consumption; (useless Grinding Balls did not remove the equipment, causing a vicious circle in the mill; mill temperature and the outside temperature gap, hot and cold reflect easy to crack , Which caused the Grinding Balls to fall out of circle.) These are the main reasons why the Grinding Balls have a large diameter of less than 40-50 mm in diameter and are normally worn.