Grinding ball production line features and production features

- Jun 25, 2018-

There are two kinds of grinding ball production methods, one is casting, and the other is forging. The casting grinding ball is used to cast the grinding ball production line to first heat the waste scrap, scrap iron and other burdens using an intermediate frequency electric furnace to heat up, so that the charge is fully melted During the melting process of the charge, appropriate amount of precious metal alloy is added to the furnace for chemical composition adjustment. After the temperature of the molten iron reaches 1550° C. or higher and the process requirements are met, qualified molten iron is poured into the steel ball mold or steel ball production line mold.


The grinding ball has high dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance, less molding material requirements, low stress generated by castings, low reject rate, and small amount of casting cleaning work. The grinding ball production line adopts a computer-controlled automatic production line. At the same time, the production line is equipped with a special dust removal system, which achieves high output and low emissions and meets the requirements of the country's green production.


The entire grinding ball production line should include heating devices, coolers, casting machines, molds, control systems, etc., and be equipped with auxiliary systems such as pouring and cleaning. The pouring system of the grinding ball production line is divided into a storage section and a pouring section. Enterprises can arrange production according to their own needs.


In order to adapt to the foundry environment and facilitate maintenance, the entire grinding ball production line system was split into several sets of PLC systems for joint control, and the MPI network and the upper computer network were used to achieve centralized control of the production line. Each device is controlled by various slave stations. Each device can be operated independently and has manual and automatic control options.


Grinding ball production line has the characteristics of energy saving, material saving, high quality production and clean production. At the same time, technicians use computer simulation technology to make the grinding ball casting process design more scientific and efficient, and the production methods are continuously improved.