Grinding ball production line basic configuration instructions

- Apr 21, 2018-

When a general production enterprise constructs a grinding ball production line, the products it produces are mainly used in mining concentrators, cement plants, thermal power plants, refractories, and steel plants. Due to the different requirements, the specifications of the grinding ball production line are not the same. Commonly used are φ20mm, φ25mm, φ30mm, φ35mm and φ40mm.

1, the basic configuration of grinding ball production line:

During the configuration, the selection is mainly based on the specifications of the required steel ball. The composition of a grinding ball production line is as follows:

Heating system 2 sets, using PLC control IF furnace heating 500KW design;

1 hot-rolling unit, HF-500 (including mill, gearbox, drive shaft, main motor and control box; 25, 30 steel ball rolls);

Conveyor system 1, isothermal conveyor and speed motor;

One quenching system, transmission and speed control motor.

2. Brief description of the process flow of grinding ball production line:

In the production and processing of the grinding ball production line, the round bar stock is first inspected according to the requirements, and after being qualified, the length of the billet is cut to the length of the steel ball according to the actual requirements (generally, the supply state is 6000 mm). Second, before the steel ball billet is rolled, it needs to be heated to a suitable temperature in a continuous heating furnace.

In the grinding ball production line, the billet heated to the red hot state will then be sent to the steel ball mill and rotated between two rollers with a special spiral hole pattern and continuously rolled into steel balls. . Rolled red hot steel balls are cooled immediately to the quenching temperature and then enter the on-line heat treatment equipment for quenching, and then enter the reheat furnace incubator for stress treatment, so that the steel balls get high and uniform hardness.