Grinding ball production line and production area and superior performance

- Apr 09, 2018-

The products produced by the grinding ball production line are widely used in electronics, paints, building materials and other industries. The grinding balls have high density, high hardness and high toughness. They have high grinding efficiency, less wear, and less impurities. More superior performance.

Under normal circumstances, the zirconium oxide grinding balls produced by the domestic grinding ball production line are mostly prepared by the co-precipitation process, and their advantages are the high purity of the raw materials and the high activity. Grinding ball performance, quality and stability.

The products produced by the grinding ball production line are very suitable for the ball mushroom machine used for grinding ceramic materials, the abrasion of dust equipment, etc., and the fineness of fine powder processing equipment for ceramics, cement, chemical paints, coatings, pigments, medical treatment, cosmetics and other industries. Grind media and fillers.

The product produced by the grinding ball production line is a high-quality grinding medium. The wear efficiency of alumina ceramic balls is higher than that of natural vermiculite and pebbles. With the reduction of high-quality natural ball and stone resources and the high wear rate of ordinary porcelain balls, alumina ceramic balls will be used by more and more ceramic manufacturers. According to different alumina contents, they can be divided into medium aluminum balls and medium aluminum balls. Balls and high aluminum balls.