Grinding ball media production line introduction

- Nov 15, 2018-

The grinding ball medium production line can use an air-cooling device, which includes a base member, two brackets are mounted on the base, a screw is installed between the two brackets, and a movable sliding bearing is mounted on the lead screw, and A rotatable hood is mounted on the sliding support for good control of the drive mechanism. In addition, there is a controller between the drives, and the hood is also connected to an external air compressor. With this device, automation of cooling can be achieved to increase the efficiency of the grinding ball media line.


The mold used in the durable grinding ball production line has several hemispherical cavities on the upper mold and the lower mold surface, and a sprue is opened at the center of the mold, the sprue is connected with the sprue, and the sanding hole is arranged on the sprue. . In addition, positioning pins are distributed around the hemispherical cavity of the upper mold.


Grinding ball medium production line can be divided into vertical and horizontal, namely vertical grinding ball medium production line and horizontal grinding ball medium production line.