Grade division of steel balls for ball mills

- Jul 23, 2018-

The ball mill ball can be divided into different grades, which is a comprehensive evaluation of the parameters of the steel ball accuracy, tolerance range, roundness and roughness. Therefore, when choosing a steel ball for a ball mill, pay attention to his grade.


In general, steel balls for ball mills can be classified into G10, G16, G20, G100, G500, G1000, and the like. If the grade of a steel ball is G10, it means that the diameter of the steel ball varies by 0.25 μm, the roundness is 0.25 μm, the roughness is 0.25 μm, and the tolerance range is +/- 9 μm. It can be seen that a steel ball reaches the G10 level, which proves that the parameters of the steel ball are in line with the scope of G10.


Since the grade of the ball mill for ball mills is a combination of roundness, tolerance and roughness, the roundness is required to test the roundness, and the torsion spring test the tolerance of the steel ball. The data obtained, and then with reference to the relevant standards, can be used to determine which grade of steel ball the steel ball belongs to.


According to the status quo of the development of the modern steel ball industry, the steel ball mill generally produces more steel balls for the G10 ball mill. If according to national standards, the G3 steel ball is a high-grade steel ball. However, in the actual production situation, there is currently no manufacturer of G3 grade steel balls that can produce steel balls of this grade. In the actual production, the G5 grade steel ball is currently at a good level.