Gradation of steel forging judgment and methods to determine the amount of complementary

- Nov 30, 2018-

At present, in judging the process of forging load and grading of grinding steel, a certain formula can be referred to, and at the same time, it can be formulated according to experience. At present, the grading of the ground steel forging is still more in the multi-stage ball. When the grading lining is used, the average particle size of the material at each point in the length direction of the grinding chamber is gradually reduced, and the average value of the steel ball at each point is gradually reduced. The ball diameter should also be gradually reduced.

Moreover, the trends of the two curves are generally consistent. However, it should be noted that the adjustment of the grinding steel cylpeb grading should take into account that the reduction in the size of the steel ball is not consistent. Obviously, if only the big ball is added, the average ball diameter will inevitably become larger. So, how do you judge whether the load and grading are reasonable? First of all, we can carry out inspection analysis according to mill output and product fineness.

Of course, we can also judge based on the sound. For example, in the case of ensuring normal feeding, the impact of a warehouse-grinding steel forging is strong, and the sound of squeaking can be heard. If the impact sound of the first steel ball is particularly loud, it means that the average ball diameter of the first steel ball is too large or the filling rate is large. If the sound is boring, it means that the average ball diameter of the first steel ball is too small or the filling rate is too low. At this time, it is necessary to increase the average ball diameter and filling rate of the steel ball.

In actual work, we need to take certain methods to determine the specific amount of grinding steel cylpeb. For example, it can be multiplied by the mill stage output according to the amount of grinding wear per unit product, that is, the annual grinding consumption of the same type / annual output of the mill. It is also possible to calculate the amount of ball filling by multiplying the wear amount per unit time by the running time of the mill stage.

In addition to the above methods, it is also possible to determine the amount of replenishment of the ground steel forging based on the comparison of the main motor current meter value and the empirical value at the time of dry grinding. It should be noted that since the operation process of the mill is a constantly changing complex process, which contains many influencing factors, it is necessary to reasonably judge the amount of grinding steel cylpeb to avoid affecting the mill output.