Forging grinding ball production process and product advantages

- Apr 25, 2018-

There are many types of forged grinding balls, including mainly low-carbon alloy steel balls, medium-carbon alloy steel balls, high-manganese steel balls, and rare-earth chromium-molybdenum alloy steel balls. In comparison, the surface quality of forged grinding ball products is very good, and it has good impact resistance, high toughness, and good wear resistance. And in actual use, it is not easy to break and out of round.

Forged grinding ball production process:

Usually when producing forged grinding ball products, the metal material needs to be heated to a temperature between 700 and 1300 degrees, and a forging machine is used to apply pressure on the metal blank so that it can be plastically deformed to obtain a certain mechanical performance and a certain shape. Dimensional forgings. The specific production process flow is: selection of raw materials - cut off - heating furnace - forging - conveyor - quenching - heat treatment - dimensional inspection - hardness testing, and finally bale transport.

Forging grinding ball forging main features:

First of all, during the forging process, the metal material needs to be heated. After a certain temperature condition is reached, a certain pressure can be applied to forge into various shapes of tools, mechanical parts, or blanks, which is called forging. Forging can change the internal structure of the metal material, refine the crystal, and improve its mechanical properties.

Forging Grinding Balls:

Product advantages are mainly reflected in three aspects, namely: 1, high hardness; 2, wear-resistant; 3, not broken.

The product supply areas mainly include: coal mines, thermal power plants, ore mining, fine chemical plants.

In fact, during the forging process, the internal structure of the metal material has been somewhat improved, so that the mechanical properties of the forged grinding ball product are generally better than those of the same material. And forging grinding ball because of cheap, economical and durable features favored by the majority of users.