Forged steel balls for iron ore mine production process and application requirements

- Apr 30, 2019-

Forged steel balls for iron ore mine With the continuous development of raw materials and the continuous upgrading of production equipment in recent years, the application fields are more and more extensive, especially in semi-autogenous grinding machines such as metallurgical mines and ball mills with a diameter larger than 2.5m. The steel ball has low wear and low breakage, which is more obvious than the cast steel ball. As far as the current wear-resistant steel ball market is concerned, in the wet grinding applications such as foreign metal mines, forged steel balls are commonly used for grinding. In the domestic market, there are more used steel balls, but the forged steel ball market is increasing year by year.


1. Forged steel ball is used in iron ore production process


Raw material inspection - medium frequency furnace heating - rotary cutting into balls - quenching treatment - tempering treatment - inspection - packaging


Forged steel balls are used in the iron ore mine to ensure linearity, uniformity, equiangularity, pressure equalization, centering and vertical sag in the movement of the squeegee. That is to say, when printing, the squeegee should be straight forward, can not be shaken left and right, can not be slow before and after fast, slow or slow before and after fast, the tilt angle to the ink plate should remain unchanged, pay special attention to overcome the tilt angle Increasingly common problems; the printing pressure should be kept uniform, keeping the distance between the squeegee and the inside of the frame equal, and the ink plate is perpendicular to the frame.