Forged grinding media balls can be made of materials and forging processes

- Oct 11, 2018-

Forging grinding media ball, which is literally understood, can be considered as a ball obtained by the forging process. Its purpose is to grind the medium, so it can be used on the grinding machine to perform the grinding work well. Equipment such as grinders have good performance and use, and make this kind of ball fully utilized.


1.  The material of the forged grinding media balls

Forged grinding media balls, whose main purpose is to grind the media, is to crush the materials by their own impact force and grinding force. In terms of material, it is possible to use specially processed cast iron or alloy materials. In addition, non-metallic materials such as ceramics can be used. Which one to choose depends on the use requirements and environment of the ball. Decide.

In addition, if the forged abrasive media ball is made of metal, there are some specific requirements. It requires good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, sufficient strength and hardness, and is not prone to breakage or chipping during use, even if it appears. Wear and maintain the original shape. The consumption of the metal ball medium and the ball breaking rate also need to be strictly controlled.


2. Forged grinding media balls quality standard and forging process

Forging abrasive media balls, the standard of good product quality is: the surface quality of the ball is good, there is no defect, good toughness, impact resistance and wear resistance, and it is not easy to be broken and out of round during use. problem. In addition, there should be a long service life.


Forging of a forged grinding media balls is a forging that obtains a certain mechanical property and shape size by applying a certain pressure to the blank after heating the metal material to a certain temperature, using a machine such as a forging press to cause plastic deformation. Moreover, by forging this process, it is possible to eliminate defects such as looseness of the metal during the smelting process, optimize the microstructure, and improve the mechanical properties of the forging.

Forged grinding media balls are forged and are characterized by:

(1) Through the process of forging, the internal structure of the material can be effectively changed, especially some metal materials, specifically to refine the microstructure of the particles to improve its mechanical properties.

(2) In forging production, heating equipment, forging equipment and some auxiliary tools will be used to carry out this operation smoothly. The forging equipment used is steam hammer, air hammer, die forging hammer, mechanical hammer, plywood hammer, spring hammer, belt hammer, crank press, friction press, hydraulic press, reaming machine, roll forging machine, etc. These, in terms of choice, are based on actual conditions and processing requirements.