Forged balls are used in four forms and movements for gold ore mine mineral processing

- Apr 14, 2019-

Forged balls are used in gold ore mine mineral processing. According to the movement mode of the forging die, it can be effectively divided into pendulum, pendulum, roll forging, cross wedge rolling, 辗 ring and cross rolling. Pendulum, swivel forging and annulus can also be used for precision forging. In order to improve the utilization of materials, roll forging and cross rolling can be used as a front-end process for slender materials.


The forged ball is also partially formed by the rotary forging of gold ore mine mineral processing and free forging. The main advantage in the operation is that it can be formed in the case of less forging force than in the case of forging. This type of forging, including free forging, expands from the vicinity of the mold surface to the free surface during processing. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure accuracy. Therefore, the movement direction of the forging die and the swaging process can be controlled by computer. The forging force obtains products with complex shapes and high precision, such as forgings such as steam turbine blades with large variety and large size.


Forged balls are used in four forms of gold ore mine mineral processing

1. Limit the form of forging force: the hydraulic press that directly drives the slider by oil pressure.

2. Quasi-stroke limiting mode: hydraulic press that drives the crank-link mechanism.

3, stroke limit mode: crank, connecting rod and wedge mechanism drive the mechanical press of the slider.

4, energy limit mode: the use of screw mechanism spiral and friction press.