Effect of Mill Speed on Grinding Balls

- Feb 10, 2018-

The law Grinding Balls in the mill operation is divided into the form of diarrhea movement, fall sports, centrifugal sports. Controlling the speed of the mill will also increase the useful power of the mill to some extent and reduce the wear of Grinding Balls during the grinding process.

When the mill diameter, length and balling rate of a certain, with the mill speed increases, Grinding Balls Grinder Balls fall into a state of falling from the state, the useful power is also gradually increased, when the speed rail increased to a certain time , The useful power reaches the maximum value. Grinding at this time the best, lower energy consumption. In general, the theoretical critical speed of the mill is 78% to 84%, which exceeds the grinding effect and the useful power drops. Therefore, controlling the rotation speed of the mill to a certain extent also increases the useful power of the mill and reduces the wear of Grinding Balls in the grinding process.

Why Grinding Balls in the process of ball mill grinding only 80% increase, because the ball mill installed ball mill size teeth need to mesh, so the amount (ore amount) is also gradually increased until the ball mill normal continuous operation two or three days, stop the ball mill Check the gear meshing situation, until everything is OK, open the ball mill manhole cover the second to add the remaining 20% Grinding Balls. After the normal operation of the ball mill, each class Grinding Balls added by 3: 4: 3 (ф120mm is 3, ф100mm is 4, ф80mm is 3) added.

Note: The addition of a small Grinding Balls is only added for the first time. Because Grinding Balls and Grinding Balls, Grinding Balls and Ore, Grinding Balls and Ball Mill Liner generate a reasonable friction between the Grinding Balls and the ball mill liner during normal operation of the ball mill, the wear will increase, so that the big ball mill is small (mill to the ball) small ball. So usually under normal circumstances, do not need to add the ball. Add the case of the ball is not useful in the size of the monomer particle dissociation, when the fining machine fineness less than flotation requirements, you can add the right amount of small ball. Grinding Balls ball mill in the process of continuous wear and tear, in order to maintain the ball charge rate and ball reasonable ratio to maintain the stability of the ball mill operation, the ball must be reasonable, low compensation wear. Grinding Balls add weight, is based on the quality of Grinding Balls, Grinding Balls quality is good or bad, determines the amount of ore tons of consumption. The best wear-resistant Grinding Balls. The best (good quality) Grinding Balls to add is calculated on the basis of the amount of ore processed per tonne (ie 0.8 kg per ton of ore). The average Grinding Balls are required to handle one ton of ore (1kg-1.2kg). Grinding Balls Different proportion of different ball mill models. Ball mill diameter below 2500mm, add Grinding Balls size ф100mm, ф80mm, ф60mm. Ball mill at a diameter of 2500 or more, add Grinding Balls size ф120mm, ф100mm, ф80mm.