Effect of Grinding Media Steel Ball on Ball Mill Grinding Efficiency

- Mar 06, 2018-

In actual production, the grinding media ball used will directly determine the grinding efficiency of mineral processing ball mill. As we all know, in order to ensure the quality of production, mineral processing ball mill used in milling media for the quality of the more stringent requirements, often need to mill ball mill wear estimates, at an appropriate time  adding a certain amount of steel ball to the beneficiation ball mill.


It should be noted that in actual production, the moisture content of the ore material entering the dressing mill should be controlled, because the stronger the electrostatic charge generated from the ore material if the humidity is higher.As a result, ore materials in the electrostatic adsorption will produce agglomeration, the impact of the media in the grinding medium steel ball, the ball will be stuck in the liner and the liner will form a buffer layer. Which in turn will result in lower mill dressing efficiency.


For the user, in the selection of mineral ball mill grinding media, should consider two issues: First, the ball is not selected as hard as possible, but to ensure that the appropriate hardness value. In this way, it can ensure the product quality and output at the same time.


Second, pay attention to the density of grinding media ball, which is an important factor can not be ignored. This is because the beneficiation ball mill operation is in a state of change, if the ball density is not ideal, then it will lead to dressing mill grinding efficiency low. of course, other influencing factors as well, such as the mill gear being an important factor affecting the grinding efficiency during the beneficiation process.


In summary, in order to ensure the efficiency of beneficiation operations, users should make reasonable choice of grinding media ball. On the one hand to ensure the grinding media ball hardness suitable, on the other hand to ensure the density of the appropriate size.