Effect of Grinding Cylpebs hardness and Grinding Cylpebs density on ball mill

- Feb 10, 2018-

Grinding Cylpebs Quality is not only affects the quality of the size of the productivity, but also affect the ball consumption level, thereby increasing the cost of grinding media. Single pursuit of high hardness and low consumption is wrong. High hardness and low consumption does not mean low cost, high hardness and low consumption Grinding Cylpebs tend to be very expensive. High hardness does not necessarily increase productivity, or even decline, only high productivity can make the unit consumption index decreased. Therefore, the primary criteria for selecting Grinding Cylpebs should be mill productivity and low cost of grinding media. Only high productivity and low grinding media costs can have good economic benefits.

When choosing Grinding Cylpebs, two issues can not be ignored:

① Grinding Cylpebs is not as hard as possible, but has its proper hardness value;

② Grinding Cylpebs density is also a problem that can not be ignored.

About the impact of hardness

In general, as the hardness increases, Grinding Cylpebs consumes less energy as long as it does not crush; and it allows the sphere to deform less, and the sphere can absorb less deformation energy during crushing, and the energy can be more used to crush the mineral particles, Machine productivity increases. However, Grinding Cylpebs hardness increase can only be modest, there is a proper range, not the harder the better. If you consider only the ball consumption, the higher the hardness lower consumption. However, for mill productivity, within a certain range of productivity, the Grinding Cylpebs hardness increases, but when the hardness exceeds a certain range, it adversely affects the mill productivity and reduces the mill productivity.

There are two reasons Grinding Cylpebs is not good for grinding when hardness is too high:

① Grinding Cylpebs rebound serious bounce, causing some of the energy loss in the rebound, so GrindingChapebs energy is not used more for crushing, thus affecting the crushing;

② Grinding Cylpebs When the hardness is too high, the ball and the ball contact each other when sliding, can not effectively mesh the ball between the ball so that the grinding effect of ore particles weakened. A.B. KирпоциН In his study of the effects of Grinding Cylpebs hardness on grinding indices, laboratory tests have shown that Grinding Cylpebs poses an optimum hardness problem for all types of ores. According to this statement, the best hardness of various ores are not the same. This statement is justified and deserves further study.