Effect of Filling Rate of Media Balls For Silver Ore Mine Mineral Processing

- Apr 28, 2018-

The grinding effect of the ball mill is achieved by the Media Balls For Silver Ore Mine Mineral Processing. Because of this, during the processing, the amount of media filling the silver mineral processing media in the mill will affect the strength of the grinding action. From the analysis of physical phenomena, there are many balls, many blows, large grinding area, and strong grinding effect. Conversely, when the ball is loaded, the number of blows is small, the grinding area is small, and the grinding ability is weak.


From the point of view of mechanics, if the amount of media ball used for processing silver minerals is relatively large, the power consumed is greater, and the mill productivity is also large. On the contrary, when the ball is loaded, the power consumption is also low, and the productivity of the mill is also low. Because the ball charge rate and the mill rotation rate work together, the rate of change cannot be disregarded when analyzing the effect of the filling rate. It can only be combined and analyzed.


Usually, when grinding, if the mill is running at a low speed, then the ball load will form an inclined surface in the mill. When the silver ore mineral processing media ball rises to a high place, it will roll down the slope of the ball load. , forming a diarrhea movement state. As the filling rate of the ball load increases, the angle of the ball load slope increases, the ball load decline torque increases, and the power required for the mill increases.


After analysis, it can be understood that regardless of the state of the media ball used for silver mineral processing, there is a corresponding appropriate filling rate at a certain rate of transfer. It is not that the higher the filling rate, the better. The best standard for checking the filling rate is the size of the mill's productivity. Finding the maximum filling rate by experiment is the best filling rate.


Taking this factor into consideration, the maximum grinding power is currently used as the basis for judging the optimal filling rate of silver ore mineral processing media balls. If the filling rate of the media ball for silver mineral processing is too low, the number of blows per unit time ball will be greatly reduced and the grinding area will be greatly reduced, so the grinding effect will be weakened and the mill productivity will be reduced.