Dose adjustment of various materials in the grinding ball media production line

- Jun 05, 2019-

Grinding ball media production line will use a variety of supplies in the work process, their ratio and usage will affect the quality of the product. For example, the use of sand mixers, weighing the flow of sand, resin and curing agent in the same time, and mastering the time flow. The sand flow rate is first adjusted according to the nominal flow rate of the sand mixer.


For the adjustment and preparation of the sand mixer, the daily maintenance of the equipment should be carried out strictly according to the "Code of Operation of the Sand Mixer", especially the blades and inner walls in the cage should be cleaned in time. The resin and curing agent pump should be circulated for 1~2 minutes before sanding every day, and check whether the curing agent is added to the hole for crystal blockage.


The grinding ball medium production line will also use resin. According to the sand flow rate, the amount of resin added is generally controlled at 0.8~1.2% of the weight of the molding sand. The upper limit of the thick part is taken, and the lower limit of the small part is taken. Curing agent is indispensable. Under normal circumstances, the amount of curing agent added is related to the temperature of the sand and the ambient temperature of the workshop. It is generally controlled at 30~50% of the amount of resin added, the lower limit is taken at high temperature, and the upper limit is taken at low temperature.


The upper limit of the large amount of curing agent for long sanding time is added to ensure that the resin sand has sufficient usable time. The grinding ball media production line needs more than just these, we have to grasp every step to get a good quality