Differences in performance and use of forged grinding media balls and cast steel balls

- May 10, 2018-

When selecting grinding media balls, it was found that there were two types of forged grinding media balls and cast steel balls in the market. Because the production processes of both of them are different, the manufactured grinding media balls also have certain performance in terms of performance. Differences, the following distinction from the wear resistance and hardness forged grinding media ball and cast steel ball.


For forged grinding media balls and cast steel balls, their genes are found to be different. Forged grinding media balls are made of high-quality steel, and the casting ball material is scrap iron; and the casting balls have pouring ports, trachomas, and belts on the surface. The surface of the forged grinding medium ball is smooth, and the surface quality seriously affects the deformation of the ball in the grinding process. The surface quality of the forged ball is better than that of the casting ball and is not easily deformed during use.


Secondly, the impact toughness of the forged grinding media ball is greater than 12, and the casting ball is only 3-6, which shows that the broken ball is better than the casting ball; this will cause the application scope of the forging grinding media ball and the casting steel ball to be different. Casting balls are suitable for grinding machines with a diameter of 1.5-3.8m, and are only suitable for dry grinding, while forging grinding media balls are suitable for grinding machines with a diameter of 1.5-11m and above. Due to their good gene-quality steel, they are naturally resistant. Corrosive, dry and wet grinding are all suitable.


In general, the cast ball is also called a “hot” ball and is suitable for dry grinding. The cement factory uses a suitable ball for casting. The forged grinding medium ball is called a “corrosive” ball. It is suitable for wet grinding and dressing. The ball is more suitable, especially the semi-autogenous mill or the ball above 100mm. The effect of the forging ball is much better than that of the cast ball.


In addition, because the hardness of the grinding medium ball is determined by the amount of chromium, the higher the chromium content, the higher the hardness. Therefore, the cast steel ball increases the hardness of the steel ball by increasing the amount of chromium contained in the steel ball. In contrast, forging grinding media balls is different.


It is based on the choice of material to determine the hardness of the ball. The better the material, the more reasonable the distribution of the elements in the ball, the higher the hardness of the ball, the better the overall performance, and thus can play a role in the ball mill.