Configuration performance characteristics of the new grinding ball production line

- Sep 12, 2018-

In the production and processing, for the steel ball products of different specifications, it is necessary to select a suitable grinding ball production line for processing. After the transformation and innovation of the production line, a new generation of grinding ball production line has been manufactured. After the improvement of the production line, it has the following characteristics:


First of all, in the production line, the roller box has an overall design and has good rigidity;

Secondly, the equipment is simple and easy to operate in production;

Third, the lock is firm and the stability is high;

Fourth, the guide plate replacement is simple and fast, and the efficiency is high, which provides a reliable guarantee for the stable, efficient and high-quality operation of the entire grinding ball production line.


The steel ball products produced by the new grinding ball production line have better surface quality and tight internal organization, which is suitable for different working conditions. In the production line, the process flow is: raw material heating, steel ball production, quenching, tempering, and finished products. The main production equipment includes: medium frequency furnace, hoist, quenching equipment, secondary cooling system and tempering furnace.