Comparison of steel grinding cylpebs and grinding body and some instructions

- Nov 21, 2018-

What is steel grinding cylpebs´╝č What related knowledge content does it have? Below, I will answer these two questions in the future and explain their professional knowledge so that everyone can have learning objects and learning content.

1. Is there a grinding process in the steel grinding cylpebs?

In the steel grindingcylpebs, if it is literally understood, it is a cylindrical grinding body made of steel, rather than a grinding process. For grinding, we must also have some understanding to prevent confusion with steel grinding cylinders. Grinding, which can be used to machine steel, hardened steel and cast iron parts, and uses abrasives.

2. Comparison of abrasive body and steel grinding cylpebs

Abrasive bodies, which are used in fine grinding equipment and ultra-fine grinding equipment, such as ball mills and other mills, and in shape, can be spheres, cylinders, cubes, biconcave spheres, truncated cones and spirals, etc. These ones. Its main function is to crush the block material fed into the grinding body and grind it into fine powder. For example, the particle size of the material just entering the mill is about 20 mm, and they can be ground into a fine powder of 0.08 mm or less by the abrasive body to have good grinding quality and grinding effect.

Therefore, as can be seen from the description of the grinding body, the grinding body and the steel grinding cylinder are different, and there is a big difference. The two cannot be equalized. In the selection, the correct selection should be made so that it can be reasonable. Use, and in turn, to play their role and function.

3. Steel forging in grinding steel forging, can it be considered as steel in steel grinding cylpebs?

From a professional point of view, it can be considered that steel forging in grinding steel forging can be considered as steel in a steel grinding cylinder. Moreover, high chromium alloy casting and forging, high chromium alloy forging is called steel forging, which belongs to chromium white cast iron, is a wear resistant material and has good wear resistance. Moreover, the finished product obtained by the treatment of the melt, the microalloying treatment, the quenching and tempering, and the high temperature quenching has a high hardness.

This kind of steel forging, which can have different specific types, and its different types correspond to different chromium content and hardness range, so it is necessary to know the one-to-one correspondence, so as to avoid misunderstanding and selection.