Common grinding media shapes are mainly the following

- Mar 03, 2019-

Grinding media for iron mining can be divided into spherical, rod, short cylindrical, short frustoconical and other shapes when used. Due to the different shapes, the principle of action is different, which makes it possible to selectively grind. At present, the common grinding media shapes are mainly the following.

 1. The spherical shape of the grinding medium used for iron mining: has the best rotation performance, point contact fracture, large crushing force, poor precision, poor selectivity and cleavage, and more through-crushing phenomenon, especially when the pulverization phenomenon is serious, especially when This phenomenon is more serious when the size of the ball is too large. In fine grinding, fine grinding is effective with the increase of the grinding area of the medium. It is known from geometric knowledge that the spherical surface area of the same volume is the smallest, and thus the spherical shape is not the best choice in fine grinding.


2. Rod shape of grinding media for iron mining

The line contact is broken, and the coarse particles are present between the rods so that the fine ore particles are not easily broken, the pulverization phenomenon is small, and the product granularity is uniform. However, it only has good rotation around the axial direction, the other directions cannot be rotated, and the surface area of the rod-shaped unit volume is also small, so the rod grinding is only suitable for rough grinding.