Chromium content is not the only criterion for Grinding Balls

- Feb 10, 2018-

Currently a common test for Grinding Balls is the detection of chromium content, and the standard is slowly evolving to its uniqueness. Is chromium content as the sole criterion for Grinding Balls judgments? First of all, chromium does have a very important and probably the most important effect on the performance of Grinding Balls. So what is the performance of the Grinding Balls as long as the chromium content is acceptable? In fact, the answer is not absolute, because Grinding Balls is composed of many components, remove the chromium and many other components, such as carbon, carbon content is too high, will lead to increased brittleness Grinding Balls, brittleness increases as a direct result of Cracking, as well as excessive levels of other impurities, can lead to a decrease in the wear resistance of Grinding Balls and a similar decrease in the performance of Grinding Balls, all of which can lead to a decrease in the overall quality of the Grinding Balls , So Grinding Balls when testing can not blindly focus only on chromium, Grinding Balls all elements to make a comprehensive consideration, so as to select the right Grinding Balls.

Grinding Balls Price Location:

1. Grinding Balls ball mill prices are different, the size of Grinding Balls different models, resulting in its price difference.

2. The general casting Grinding Balls range in size from 12-150mm, the price is different with the size and the different prices of chromium content, the same size Grinding Balls different chromium content, the price is not the same, the same size of chromium The same Grinding Balls prices are also different, the smaller the size, the higher the price, the higher the price of chromium, the higher the price

Grinding Balls forging is the same reason, the difference is that they do not have chromium content, the price is the most important decision is the material, the general manufacturers are using this cost-effective material 45 # Grinding Balls, its price is also based on the size Size to decide。