Characteristics and high hardness of grinding steel forging

- Aug 15, 2018-

Grinding steel forging has high hardness and good mechanical properties during operation and has excellent quality of wear resistance, no deformation and no cracking. Grinding steel forging is widely used in large mines, thermal power plants, Cement plants and other industries are well received by domestic and foreign customers.

Characteristics of grinding steel forging

1. The overall hardness of the ground steel forging is high. The hardness of the surface can reach 55-65HRC, the volume hardness reaches 50-63HRC, and the hardness gradient distribution is average.

2. Grinding steel forging has high impact toughness and impact toughness greater than 12 J/cm2.

3. The number of falling forging impacts is more than 20,000 times, and the actual breaking rate is not higher than 1%.

In addition to the austenite phase, the as-cast microstructure of the ground steel is precipitated with carbides during operation. In order to obtain high toughness during operation, heat treatment must be given to some extent, so that the as-cast microstructure can be eliminated. Carbides in the crystal and on the grain boundaries.

High manganese steel usually has a carbon content of about 13%. To eliminate the carbides of its as-cast structure, it is necessary to heat the steel to a certain temperature and keep it for a suitable time to completely dissolve the carbides, followed by rapid cooling. This heat treatment is usually It is called water toughness treatment.