Characteristics and advantages of using forged steel ball for iron ore mine

- Apr 13, 2019-

Forged steel balls are used in iron ore mines. After the round bars are inspected and qualified, they are cut according to the size of the steel balls during operation. During operation, the steel forgings are heated to a certain temperature by the intermediate frequency furnace. In the operation, the effective deformation type is ensured in the forging, and the red hot steel forging is sent into the air hammer and is processed by the skilled operator. The red hot steel ball after forging immediately enters the specially designed heat treatment equipment of Elite Co., Ltd. for quenching-tempering heat treatment, so that the steel ball produced has a high and uniform hardness value.


Characteristics of forged steel balls used in iron mines

1. The breaking rate is less than 0.5%,

2. High impact toughness: impact toughness is greater than 18J/cm2, and omni-directional ball test is more than 20,000 times.

3. High overall hardness: surface hardness 58-65HRC, volume hardness 56-63HRC, and average hardness gradient distribution.

4. No deformation: the steel ball is not deformed at all, without losing the circle. 5, the organization is compact, cost-effective, and significant cost savings.


Forged steel balls have low wear and low crushing, which is more obvious than the advantages of cast steel balls. As far as the current wear-resistant steel ball market is concerned, in the wet grinding applications such as foreign metal mines, forged steel balls are commonly used for grinding. In the domestic market, there are more used steel balls, but the forged steel ball market is increasing year by year.