Characteristics and advantages of hot rolling steel balls comparing to other steel balls

- Jan 15, 2019-

Hot rolling steel balls can be widely used in mine concentrating plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, refractory plants and other industries that require the use of grinding machines. Its high quality, cost-effective, energy-saving and environmentally friendly manufacturing process has been widely used by large foreign mining companies and has gradually replaced traditional casting balls.

The raw material of the hot rolling steel balls is low-alloy high-carbon special steel, which uses the finished round steel produced by the regular special steel plant, and requires the special steel mill to use the hot-rolled extrusion of square billet of 16 times or more volume; The quenching process causes the hot steel ball to rapidly cool, which promotes the austenite transformation in the microstructure of the metal to rapidly become a martensite structure with considerable wear resistance, so it is the hardness generated by quenching, and its hardness can reach 63~ 65HRC.

Since the round steel produced by the hot rolling extrusion of the square billet is used as the raw material for production, and the hot rolling ball is pressed by the roll forming process, the density of the hot rolled ball is generally greater than 7.85 g/cm 3 or more. Since the hot-rolled steel ball is made of finished round steel, the quality is uniform, and the round steel enters the natural gas heating furnace → rolling mill → quenching machine → tempering furnace → cooling ball table → packaging, the whole production process realizes the large production operation mode of the automatic assembly line. Process parameters such as temperature and speed are controlled by computer tracking, which is conducive to ensuring stable and uniform production quality.

The hot rolling steel balls not only has superior performance, but also has high labor productivity, environmental protection and energy saving in production process, and can implement a large-scale production operation mode of the automated assembly line. Ultimately, replacing the casting ball is inevitable for the steel ball manufacturing industry to achieve energy saving and emission reduction and industrial upgrading. Hot rolling steel balls are also an effective measure for related companies to reduce capital.