Ball trajectory of the ball in the mill machine cylinder

- Jun 15, 2018-

Ball mill ball used as the main accessories of the ball mill fittings plays an important role in the development of grinding work and the improvement of grinding efficiency. Although the ball path of the ball mill ball mill in the ball mill body is complex, it is its role with the material being crushed There are no more than three ways.


First of all, the impact is a kind of trajectory type of the ball used in the ball mill machine body, it and the impact of the material to make the ball's kinetic energy converted into the material consumed by the work, the impact energy makes the material to the grinding ball surface to create a cutting effect .


Followed by rolling, the ball used by the ball mill rotates with the cylinder and moves forward. The ball of the ball mill at the lower part of the cylinder is disturbed by the steel ball of the upper throwing ball mill, and some of the balls of the ball mill roll. The material at the contact surface of the ball of the ball mill is squeezed and ground by the ball of the ball mill. The material is broken under the action of the shear stress and the compressive stress. The material to be milled cuts the surface of the ball of the ball mill to make grooves and furrows on the surface.


There is also a type of movement trajectory for ball mill balls, which is sliding. During the lifting process of ball mill balls with the cylinder, some ball mill balls are not allowed to roll with the balls of the surrounding ball mill and are limited, only with the ball mill lining. Relative slipping of the board occurs.


In addition, short-range sliding occurs when the balls of the ball mill are dropped and the steel balls in the lower part of the cylinder are impacted; the materials are crushed and sheared and broken between the relatively sliding friction bodies, and the material cuts through the balls of the ball mill. The surface creates grooves and extrusion pits.


In the actual application process, the loss of the balls used in the ball mill is related to many aspects, such as the size of the steel ball, the movement of the steel ball, the ratio of the steel balls, etc., Therefore, the ball wear of the ball mill can be greatly reduced by selecting an appropriate parameter.

interfaces and corresponding supporting valves on the side of the bucket body. When the liquid level in the barrel is less than the set low level value, the alarm system is automatically turned on and the dosing pump is paused.

The ammonia addition system of the integrated dosing device can effectively realize its full automatic control to a certain extent. When the solution tank liquid level is lower than the set value during operation, the solution tank can be automatically opened during the operation process. The water inlet valve automatically shuts off when the liquid level reaches high level. In addition to the manual control, the amount of ammonia can be automatically controlled. After the PID operation is performed by the PLC program control system, the amount of ammonia in the ammonia metering pump is controlled by the inverter to achieve the goal of automatic dosing.