Ball mill media load calculation and how to choose correctly

- Oct 16, 2018-

Ball mill media, which can be understood as ball mill grinding media, which is an important part of the ball mill. If it does not, it will affect the normal operation and use of the ball mill. Therefore, it is necessary to have a deep understanding before the ball mill media can be used correctly. Ensure the normal operation of the ball mill.


1. Can the ball mill media be a steel ball?

The ball mill, which is the key equipment for crushing the material after it is crushed, is to grind the material by loading a certain number of steel balls into the cylinder as grinding media. Therefore, through this, it can be known that the ball mill media can be used for steel balls, and there is no problem in use.


2. Ball mill media loading

The loading amount of the ball mill media, or the loading amount of the ball mill grinding media, is two specific aspects including the ball loading amount and the size and ratio of the ball loading, so the following will be explained separately.


Loading amount: When calculating the loading amount, it is necessary to know the volume of the grinding medium as a percentage of the effective volume of the ball mill, that is, the filling rate of the grinding medium, and it affects the grinding area and the loading amount of the grinding medium. At the same time, it also affects the height of the grinding media itself and the impact on the material and its power consumption. In addition, to calculate the amount of ball loading, there is a corresponding formula, so that the calculation can be used to obtain accurate results.

The size and proportion of the ball: it mainly affects the production and working efficiency of the ball mill, and should choose different and suitable grinding media according to different materials. If it is coarse and hard materials, choose a larger steel ball; If it is fine and crunchy, choose a steel ball with a smaller diameter. In addition, the size and diameter of the steel ball and its ratio should be determined according to the process requirements, material properties, ball mill specifications and so on.


3. How to choose the ball mill media correctly?

The correct choice of ball mill media, in order to achieve this goal, needs to consider how to use small kinetic energy to achieve the purpose of effectively pulverizing materials. Therefore, the specific aspects that need to be considered are: the grinding medium in the ball mill is determined by the size and hardness of the raw material block, and the size of the sphere needs to be controlled, the sphere is too small to achieve the purpose of crushing the material. However, the sphere is too large, the gap between the ball and the ball will be large, and the amount of filling will be reduced, which in turn will reduce the number of hits and the drop in production. In addition, the energy consumption in the ball mill is proportional to the rotational speed, and strict control of various parts of the equipment is required to avoid excessive energy consumption.