Ball mill grinding media use characteristics and use requirements

- Feb 24, 2019-

In the process of using the ball mill grinding medium, the most commonly used grinding medium is a ball medium and a rod medium. In some cases, an irregular shape such as a round table, a column ball or a short round bar is used, which is called a shaped medium. The materials used to make the grinding media are mostly specially processed cast iron or alloys, followed by ceramics, alumina, etc. The grinding media gravel used for gravel grinding has near spheres, ellipsoids, egg shapes, etc., which are specially made from ore or rock.

Ball mill grinding media use characteristics

The grinding medium of metal material should be resistant to abrasion and corrosion, have sufficient strength and hardness, and is not easy to be broken during work. It can still retain its original shape after wear. For the consumption of metal ball medium (the amount of medium consumed by crushing 1t material, kg/t) and the ball breaking rate (the ball of different sizes under the action of external force, the amount of rupture accounted for the amount of test ball, %) is the mass The main indicator. For rod media, it is not easy to bend and break. In grinding production, the function of the grinding medium as much as possible is the most critical factor for improving the efficiency of the mill.

Ball mill grinding media requirements

(1) Determine the shape and material of the grinding medium according to the nature of the material to be ground, the feedstock and the particle size of the product, and the process requirements of the next step.

(2) According to the requirements of feedstock and product particle size distribution, determine the appropriate medium size and ratio of different sizes.