Ball mill grinding media grading basis

- May 16, 2018-

In the practical application process, the grading of the grinding media of the ball mill needs to be determined in combination with many factors. The first step is to judge from the grinding point of the ball mill. If the impact of the grinding media of the ball mill is strong and brittle, it means that the grinding ability is strong; Weak and bored, indicating that the fine grinding ability is insufficient. At this time, the filling rate of the ball bin can be increased, the average ball diameter can be reduced, and the grinding ability can be enhanced. On the contrary, the ball filling rate must be reduced to increase the average ball diameter.


The second thing to consider is the actual output of the ball mill and the quality of its products. When the output of the mill is high and the product is fine, it indicates that the one-warehouse has too much crushing capacity and the last storehouse has insufficient grinding capacity. At this point, most of the big ball segments should be removed and replaced with small ball segments to reduce one position or increase the loading capacity of the last position.


The low yield and coarse fineness indicate that the load of the grinding media of the ball mill is insufficient, and the grinding body should be added; the fineness of the output is low, which indicates that the ball mill grinds media with many small balls, small balls, and weak impact force. At this time, some small balls can be taken out. , make up the ball.


Of course, the gradation of the grinding media of the ball mill must be determined in combination with the sieve residual curve. The appropriate sieve balance curve should be a drop in the inclination of the inlet end of a bin. The closer the exit to the mill exit is, 0.5 to 0.8. There is a flat decline. If the drop in a position is not obvious, it means that the crushing capacity is insufficient; if the end of a long horizontal segment, clearance should be removed to remove grinding and grinding bodies.


In addition, the inside of the ball mill should be inspected. If the grinding media of the ball mill exposes half of the material surface to the ball, the material at the end of the ball just covers the surface of the ball. This is reasonable. If one stock surface exceeds the sphere, it means that the ball diameter is too small or the load is insufficient. Otherwise, the ball diameter is too large and the load is too much. If there is too much material in the material level in the last position, it means that the load is insufficient, otherwise it means that the load is too much.


In addition, the parameters of grinding and classifying powder can be calculated by measuring the fineness of grinding, returning materials and finished products, and the operating efficiency of the mill operation can be analyzed and judged. If the residual values of the three sieves are all higher than the normal value, it is necessary to add medium or small-sized ball mills to grind the medium or readjust them.