Analysis on the Motion of Ball Mill Media

- May 07, 2018-

The so-called ball mill media is actually the grinding medium of the ball mill. When the equipment is grinding, the movement of the grinding medium and the mineral material in the barrel is very messy. At the same time, in the grinding technology, because there are many variable parameters, it will be difficult to study.


Especially in the case of ball mills with different standards, speeds, and media filling rates, the media movement of the ball mills becomes more and more cluttered and more diverse, making the ball mill media and the materials in the cylinders do the falling motion. Increased difficulty.


The same standards as the ball mill, because the use of the industry and the charge is not the same, it will also lead to a large difference in the required drive power, which makes it difficult to accurately determine the drive power of the ball mill. In a ball mill, regardless of whether the ball mill media evaporates or is a drop motion or a mixed motion of the two, the energy state of the moving ball of the ball mill is changed.


At the same time, the potential energy of the steel ball at the bottom of the cylinder relative to the bottom of the cylinder is zero, and the kinetic energy of the ball mill media is zero. As the media of the ball mill is lifted by the lining strip, the potential energy gradually increases and the steel ball has kinetic energy. When the movement reaches the highest point, the ball mill media has both bit energy and kinetic energy; when the ball is dropped from the highest point and the mineral material touches, the energy is converted into the kinetic energy of the steel ball against the mineral material, and finally transformed into the deformation of the mineral material. Cracks and expansion energy, as well as the appearance energy of the broken material, the steel ball reaches the bottom of the cylinder and a cycle of movement is completed.


In order to allow the ball mill media to obtain the highest possible energy from the outside world, and as much as possible to be absorbed by the reasonable grinding machine to make the ball more kinetic energy to smash the material, it is necessary to make the grinding media of the ball mill as much as possible. Do the falling movement.


According to the characteristics of the ball mill barrel and the material inside the barrel, according to the discrete element program, we can use PFC3D as a numerical simulation to calculate the force of the media acting on the liner strip and the inner wall of the cylinder. The kinetic energy and oscillation energy of the ball mill media are obtained. Boundary energy. At the same time, the motion vectors of media groups and the touch forces between media groups can be intuitively obtained.