Addition Skills of Mining Grinding Ball in Mineral Processing Equipment

- Jun 13, 2018-

Mining grinding ball is a grinding medium specially used in mineral processing equipment. The proportion of its size to be added depends on various factors such as the diameter of the ball mill, ore hardness, the particle size of the ball mill, the ball hardness, and the rotation speed of the ball mill.


When the model of the grinding machine in the beneficiation equipment is determined, its rotational speed is fixed; and the hardness of the ore is measurable. The ore particle size of the scoring mill is determined by changing the grid size. Usually, the newly installed ball mill has a running-in process. In the process of running-in, the amount of mining grinding ball is added for the first time, which accounts for 80% of the ball loading capacity of the ball mill. The proportion of ball added can be added according to the ball size.


The weight of the mining grinding ball is based on the quality of the steel ball and the quality of the steel ball. It determines the amount of tonnage of the ore to be used. When it is used, abrasion-resistant mining grinding balls are used as much as possible; addition, the mining grinding ball is added to treat the amount of ore per ton. To calculate, the average steel ball needs 1kg-1.2kg to process one ton of ore.


The proportion of mining grinding balls in the ball mill depends on the effective length of the equipment, whether it is equipped with a roller press, the size of the feed material, what liner and structure are used, the expected fineness of the screen, how many chrome mining balls are used, and how much the speed is Comprehensive judgment of factors.


General mining grinding ball grading is 120mm, 100mm, 80mm, 40mm, if using high chromium ball must require the manufacturer to add rare earth during production; and the amount of steel balls only add 80%, because the ball mill is installed, the ball mill size gear Need to engage, the processing volume is also to gradually increase until everything is normal, then open the ball mill into the hole cover the second time to add the remaining 20% of the mining grinding ball.